The Pelzer Principles Book

There is good service, great service, bad service, and worst of all, apathetic service. The problem is inconsistent service. The solution is a bigger context of service that unites service providers and creates a structure of service that anyone can plug into.

The solution is The Pelzer Principles of Service.

The Pelzer Principles of Service was written to empower and honor the front lines of business and customer service.

The book was written to be used as a customer service training tool to create alignment on standards and practices that will create an exceptional customer experience, which leads to increased customer retention and job satisfaction for the front line.

The Super Men and Women on the front line are ultimately responsible for repeat business, customer happiness, and the customer experience. All of which have a huge impact on the bottom line.

The book distinguishes the three main Pelzer Principles, which are Acknowledgement, Being Present, and Staying Connected. These are known as the ABC’s of service and are the most important factors in creating an exceptional customer experience.

The goal of this book is to impact how you think about service and your life. The ABC’s create the three main sections of the book and the fourth section, the “D” of the ABC’s, is Personal Development. You bring your life to your work and your work to your life. This book brings them together to help you get the most out of both.

“Well expressed and straight to the point. This book brings together Trev’s passionate personal experience and wisdom from other sources to illuminate essential aspects of honor in service to customers. Win-win ways of being that work with surprisingly little effort. Our work place is already on the right track and with this book, we have a language for what we are doing right now and how to up our commitment to the ABC’s of service in our daily interactions with customers.”  Janice Marker, Customer Care Manager PAX Programs Inc.